Kosha GroupSM offers business strategy consulting and business advisory services. Our services focus on achieving technology and business objectives of large, medium, small, and start-up companies.

Our Strategy LocalizationSM methodology is a catalyst in driving sustainable value creation across all functional groups within an organization as well as between organizations. This enables accomplishing meaningful business objectives of acquisition, merger, public offering, capital infusion or building stakeholder equity.

Our practice focuses on providing 406-248-7364 in four key areas:

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   • Business Restructuring
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   • Business Advisory

The firm consists of a team of professionals with deep industry specific domain expertise. We are former executives with a track record of strategic and operational excellence. We are successful entrepreneurs, company founders and senior executives with diverse background in operations, engineering, marketing, sales, finance and business advisory. We have provided leadership in helping companies go public, mergers and acquisitions; as well as raise funds for start-ups. We offer functional and technology expertise in high-growth sectors in Hi-tech, Bio-pharma, Nanotechnology, Cleantech, Digital-media, Healthcare and Consumer products. We have presence in key locations around the world.

Our Strategy Localization methodology mitigates risks by identifying strategic and operating issues, maximizes performance through operational and financial restructuring, and reduces complexity of strategy execution. This aligns your business operations with the ultimate business objectives. Long-term success of any business depends on both internal and external factors. Our team works on these factors with you to identify and address ways to build value in your organization. We also help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities with proactive and objective analysis of financial, operational and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our team’s know-how brings together critical elements needed to succeed in today’s competitive global economy. One of our distinguishing features is the grasp of cross-border cross-cultural business drivers. We are your partner to bring about seamless operational efficiency across diverse set of customers, employees, partners and suppliers spread worldwide. We leverage local resources and international management skills to create cross-border synergies. We assist you in making your global strategy efficient and effective.


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